Surfboard Wax - Tropical-Warm-Cool-Cold Water with Comb and Fin Key

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  • Includes: (1) Surf Wax bar (Choose Temp), (1) Wax Removal comb. (1) Surfboard Fin Key
  • Perfect for any type of board with easy clean up. for home or on the go.
  • Made of high quality material which will last alot longer!
  • Everything you need for a fresh application on your surfboard.
  • Choose the right wax for your water temp.                                                               
     1) Base Wax (No Temp)                                                                                   2) Tropical (SPH-16) - For water temps above 75.2(F)                                   3) Warm (SPH-21) - For water temps between 64.4(F) and 75.2(F)               4) Cool (SPH-31) - For water temps 57.2(F) and 64.4(F)                               5) Cold (SPH-41) - For water temps below 57.2(F)