10 Must haves for your 2019 beach vacation

10 Must haves for your 2019 beach vacation -

10 Must haves for your 2019 beach vacation

10 Must Haves For Your 2019 Beach Vacation


Whether your planning a day at the beach, Or a family vacation we have 10 items you will want to have for you and your loved ones to have a safe and fun family adventure.

Sand free beach mat | shoresurfwear.com

10.) Sand Free Beach-Mat: Keep yourself and belongings clean. This revolutionary design keeps dust, dirt and sand away making your day at the beach much more enjoyable making this a must have for 2019!

9.) Waterproof Camera: With a rugged 24 mega-pixel, waterproof, shockproof, crushproof and dustproof almost indestructible design allowing you to capture video/photo in high quality makes our digital underwater camera a must have for 2019!

8.) Canvas (Tote) Beach Bag: Big enough for your towels, books and all your essential beach needs our beach bag is a must have for 2019!

7.)  Oversized beach blanket:  At 59" inches (4.91' feet) our new oversized beach blanket is big enough for two people comfortably. Made of 100% soft micro-fiber makes this another must have for 2019! 

6.) Babies beach Tent (Sun-shade): Stylish and durable our new pool tent will keep your little ones busy for hours and also protected from harmful UV rays. Made of nylon, blocks 98% of UV rays. With an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50% makes this a must have for 2019!

5.) Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses: Light, waterproof and environmentally friendly our beautiful bamboo sunglasses are UV400 giving your eyes protection all day long while looking extremely fashionable is what makes them a must have for 2019! 

4.) Quick Drying Board Shorts: Fashionable and comfortable our board shorts are also super quick drying making them a must have for 2019! 

3.) Beach Flip-Flops: Stay trendy, modern and comfy this summer with our unisex bamboo flip-flops. Made of Bamboo adding craftsmanship to modern style to complete your beach look making them a must have for 2019!

2.) Unisex Water Shoes: On or off the beach our water shoes are easy to slip on or off, super durable and highly fashionable not to mention extremely comfortable dry or wet adds them to the list of must haves for 2019 and beyond! 

1.) Inflatable Rescue Bracelet: This is a must have for any parent or guardian of a child of any age. Also great for surfers, divers and people of all age. Putting safety first with just the push of a button this device can pull you up and keep you afloat (up to 250 pounds). This is a great invention and makes the top of our list before going to the beach or vacation this or any year. 

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